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Chilling Chiffon Blouse (White,Beige,Brown)

RM 45.00
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  • Relaxed fit & dropped shoulder cutting
  • A blouse that can be worn in casual or feminine styles.
  • Made from chiffon material, breathable and comfy
  • Wrinkle resistant


采用雪纺的面料 很有垂感 不易皱

手感柔软有质感  很透气凉爽

整件版型设计就是简约和干净 没有多余的设计

尤其是带灰调的杏色很推推荐! 很特别和温柔的颜色




Bust 120cm; Length 65cm(front)/75cm(Back); Sleeve 56.5cm; Shoulder 51.5cm

Model Reference:

162cm, 50kg, Waist 67cm, Thigh 56cm; Bust 86cm, Hips 93cm, Shoulder 40cm

Size Guide:
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